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Heulandite is another fascinating crystal. While I'm really enjoying its little star-like structure and all colors it grows in the properties are even more interesting. Heulandite brings Clarity & Focus into your mind, which can be amazing while studying, focusing on your goals or following your personal and professional dreams. It has a strong ability to connect you with your Spiritual Guides. Because of it's structure and occasional peachy color it is often mistaken for Stilbite. My favorite properties about Heulandite are that it connects us with the energies of Mother Earth, which can help while grounding and the most important thing - releases blockages and pain from the past, which is something that most of us still hold on to. 

Stilbite resonates with the vibration of Universal Love, helping to open heart chakra and gently expanding one's consciousness. Stilbite has become one of the favourite crystals for those seeking inner peace and enhanced love and emotions in their lives, which makes it a perfect Valentine's Day gift. Most of the people know the properties of Rose Quartz and Stilbite is actually quite similar just less known. It really helps one to overcome fears and challenges. It's a very soothing crystal that also helps overcome grief, puts you in bed just like Amethyst and stimulates the energy of love :) 

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