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Deep inside the peaceful Himalayas of India a vision was born. The vision of spreading love & light through the beauty of raw untouched crystals coming from untouched remote places. We help the community in India and raise consciousness of people around the world to help them heal. Zalah is based in Melbourne, Australia and has been a part of people's homes and every day rituals ever since December 2017.

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If that isn't crystal goals I don't know what is. So grateful to have a beautiful store to buy from that actually cares so much for the crystals and the customers. You're incredible. I recommend you to everyone that asks where I buy. Can't wait to purchase more in near future.

Jessica Lea Olson

I told mom I'm not buying any more crystals for a while but I can't resist with you! I literally haven't purchased from anywhere else in months - I just don't feel drawn to them. 

Sarah Wright