Black Tourmaline Grounding Rods

Zalah is so delighted to introduce the concept of Black Tourmaline Rods, our favorite grounding tool yet, which came through very intuitively upon receiving the stunning shipment from Pakistan in 2021 as my eyes laid on the tray of these lustrous black beauties. 


I had always been a fan of Black Tourmaline, but it took me a little while to get to know it properly and understand its personality.

The strong presence and energy of Tourmaline may draw a lot of new people into its abbeys, however I also feel that there's a chance the messages might feel confronting for those, who are just starting with the crystal healing modality. We can see a lot of encouragement and aim for ascension in the spiritual community, sometimes more so than emphases on grounding, however grounding is one the most important elements in order to activate and properly utilise the wisdom of the upper energy centres. 

Black Tourmaline has an incredible ability to ground and protect the energy field of the person working with it. Its material is very dense which allows it to store a lot of codes and information, that can often bring out shadows from our own superconscious mind and move stuck energy, but also protect from spirits that have been lurking around our being.


Having the rods in both hands creates a circuit of energy and a sense of balance and harmony. When I meditate with them, time becomes more irrelevant and I'm not feeling as fidgety. They're very suitable for those who catch themselves  wanting to rush through a meditation.

I find Black Tourmaline extremely useful whenever I feel unsafe or when unwelcome energies are trying to enter my field, which goes for intrusive thoughts too as another way for the energy to be seen and acknowledged. 

I'm being reminded with the feeling of Schumann resonance when my feet touch the ground and the knowing that I am supposed to be right here, right now - in this present moment. Even though we all chose to come here for a reason, it may seem easy to forget and Tourmaline brings remembering to our why and clarity into the purpose of this human experience.

If you're interested in exploring the world of the Black Tourmaline Grounding Rods, join us on our Instagram stories on Monday, 28.2.2022 at 11 AM AEDT to get yourself a pair from the limited edition. 


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