chakra healing.

chakra healing.

Dear community, I would love to start this article with the fact that Chakra Healing has changed my life and I really believe a few simple steps and changes in your lifestyle can really do wonders and balance out the energy you may not even know you've had. I also believe coming out vulnerable is very important in order to heal myself but collectively heal the society and inspire all of you to address those issues from the past that have been sitting there for a while. 

what's chakra?

Chakra is an energetic bundle and a centre of our spiritual power. We have 7 main chakras in our body: Root Chakra down in the base of our spine, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra located in the crown of a head.




why did I start Chakra Healing?

It's pretty natural we all go through ups and downs, but the real art is to be able to acknowledge and address the reasons of those downs. I mostly swept mine under the carpet but once I hit this very flat phase of my journey, feeling depressed, not worthy and stuck, I had to make the call. I believe in energy and I know for a fact that energy can be changed. One day I looked in the mirror feeling absolutely yuck about myself and so I took out my journal, comfy clothes and went to sit under a tree in a park and said to myself: 


what to begin with? 

Many of us feel just as stuck as me but turning those downs into a learning experience rather than a life curse may be a bit difficult at times. Ackowledging obstacles in our emotional and mental state or our behaviour is really challenging as the ego pops up and makes us believe NO THAT'S NOT ME. This is the time for us to openly face the challenge and ask "Why am I feeling so down?". By asking "Why" we allow ourselves to get familiar with the issue, find its conditioning {and trust me, most of it is conditioning} and bring ourselves closer to finding the cause of the current situation {digging really deep in our mind and going all the way back to the childhood}.


NOTE: The most important part here is  J O U R N A L I N G . I can't stress enough how much of a difference you'll feel once you start releasing your stream of thoughts on paper. We are physical human bodies after all and holding onto something visual is still a big driving force of motivation and manifestation.


how to fix it? 

Lots of people ask me what methods can be used while practicing Chakra Healing and the answer is so many! Before I dive deeper into each chakra separately, let me remind you there are 7 chakras in our body, just like 7 days in a week {got the hint yet?}. Balancing different chakras may vary, however they all have a certain things in common which are: 


M E D I T A T I O N  |  A F F I R M A T I O N   |  C R Y S T A L S

M O V E M E N T  |  F O O D  |  S E L F  R E F L E C T I O N


Meditation: Finding a quiet moment in your daily routine to sit with yourself, breathe and observe your thoughts for even just a few minutes can change the course of the day and set up a totally different mood. Motivation, self-love and future vision becomes so much clearer and feeling of grounding straight away. Keep your morning practice clean before diving straight into the virtual world. 


Affirmations: While meditating, find the most suitable affirmations that support balance of each chakra and repeat them a few times. By saying it out loud, manifesting it right there we're making it so much more real!


Crystals: Crystals are such amazing tools to help you channel that energy towards the chakra you're working on. A little tip to make it easier | Chakra Color = Crystal Color {applies in most cases with some little exceptions}. I invite you all to contact us if you have any questions regarding choosing the right crystals for your healing! :) 


Movement: Body stores emotions manifesting in physical pain. Releasing that physical pain and tightness can happen in many forms. My favourite one would be yoga as it engages mind, body and spirit at the same time and each yoga pose engages with a different chakra. Movement in any form can help you get through the healing and my little secret tip is getting a lacrosse ball and rolling on it across all different body parts getting rid of all that junk. 


Food: I found it very magical once I adjusted my diet to chakra healing. I could just feel that energy and heat flowing in my Sacral area after finishing a tray of my sacral veg roast . Again, a little useful tip when it comes to food and chakras | Chakra Color = Food Color. Life is all about them rainbows sometimes! :) 


Self Reflection: Yay! Journal Time. Checking in with yourself, identifying those issues, asking yourself why and being absolutely and totally honest with yourself. Seeing how you can change it. Working through those scenarios and understanding yourself. There is no healing without a good self-reflection. 

chakra healing timeframe.

This is a very important point to mention: Give yourself as much time as you need! I really invite you to not try and speed things up because there's not such thing in healing. To complete a full Chakra Healing and feel like everything is balanced may even take up to a few years. :) We are all different, with a different past, different behaviours and nature. Patience is a virtue.


I really hope you find some of these thoughts helpful. I am no spiritual guru or a person that's got it all figured out, but I write things from my heart and my personal experience. I find it quite challenging to find all the information online so by making it more accessible for all of us I really believe we can collectively heal the world! 


Y O U   A R E   Y O U R   O W N   H E A L E R .



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