Navigating Relationship Challenges

We wanted to share a little crystal tip that has helped us to overcome many challenges while running Zalah as a couple, just in time for our upcoming Store Update before Valentine's Day. A vulnerable share by our founder, Jason Lim.

Have you wondered what it’s like owning a crystal business with your fiancé? Not going to lie, finding a system that worked for both of us was initially a bit of a struggle. I mean, we came from different worlds and I had never been in a serious relationship, nor had I owned an e-commerce business before. We were living at my parents house, still kind of getting to know each other while growing Zalah, the business that I had founded.

I tell you what, you don’t know a business woman until you meet Eva Cangarova from a little town called Presov in Slovakia. It was one of her many strengths that made me madly in love with her. Here was a woman at the age of 17, already financially independent flocking out of her nest in Presov to move out of all countries to Egypt.

When Eva came into Zalah it was not her first rodeo in business and took the reins. Right before my very eyes she made me a believer, applying her work ethic demonstrating that this business can not only sustain us but grow and thrive. To think we would never have to work for anyone else again if we worked as a team really excited me.

This was an interesting time as I was still part time working elsewhere while Eva took the masculine role within Zalah. I became a little laid back and didn't have the energy to give the half of what Zalah needed, which meant Eva didn't feel fully supported in the very business I had founded. This was the core of many arguments and nights slept separately and things needed to change or this wasn’t going to play out so well like we envisioned.


One of the challenges we faced was that neither of us knew how to hold space very well — we both wanted to be right and show that the other one was wrong. I also didn’t know how to communicate my needs clearly or that things like boundaries existed.


This is a common pattern that I see play out in my parents, as well as many other relationship dynamics which I became more aware of and wanted to shift this conditioning. It was then that we decided to call upon the crystals for some assistance.

Communication with a Crystal

If you ask you shall receive. A very useful practice intuitively entered our relationship that we use to this day and it’s been helping us dramatically. We would choose a crystal — usually one that resonates with the throat and take turns in holding it to say what we needed. This meant that the other person would remain silent instead of talking over each other in the past, but since we both loved the crystals, we didn’t want to disrespect them. They really became powerful allies in tough conversations which really helped us grow together.

Fast forward to today and we’re proud to say that our communication has never been better. Sure, we still have those conversations but we now understand and respect each other as well as the space we’re in having some systems in place to move us through challenging times is a huge win.

It then all started to change and we would play to our strengths by splitting the tasks evenly so I felt creatively involved and Eva felt supported. This all wouldn’t have been possible unless we had some effective ways to communicate.

I’m sure we’ve all been there - in those conversation that weren’t so easy to get out. Conscious relationships will always require a high level of work as we are continually changing and it’s only once we are safe enough with each other that we can truly share from the heart.

There is no one else I would be able to run Zalah with, nor would there be anyone that would be as fun. My favourite perk about running a business with Eva is that we are able to celebrate our wins together, and that means enjoying a pizza after a Store Update hehe.

If in doubt, speak it out.

Mineral Recommendations for Aligned Relationships

Cavansite, Blue Chalcedony, Pentagonite, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Barite - Throat Balancing

Chalcedony - Relationship Harmonising

Green Apophyllite, Green Heulandite, Pink Apophyllite - Heart Opening

Honey or Yellow Calcite - Personal Boundaries



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