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Desert Fox

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This black Pakistani spiky looking mineral visually strongly reminds us of the Tasmanian Crocoite, however its energy differs significantly. Actinolite is a stone of visualisation that allows us to get clarity on where we see ourselves in life, play it out in front of our eyes like a movie and truly dream big.

On this path though we can often encounter the blockages presenting themselves as limiting beliefs that hold us back, but the energy of Actinolite penetrates these blockages and creates a clearer path for us. At the same time, it creates a metaphysically protective shield around us so that we can retain our own energy in the process. It can be beneficial while decluttering spaces or taking a breath in the swing of constant change and fast transformation. Actinolite connects with the Zodiac sign of Scorpio and carries a strong energy.


Weight: 52 g

Origin: Pakistan