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Hail Mary and let's admire this work of art, Bellissimo, grazie Mother nature. Marvelling this tripple combo of crystals on a very rare red flat like plate.

Clear Apophyllite is a very high vibrational crystal coming from India. We are so proud to say that our Apophyllite is one of the highest grades in the market and the energy is literally beaming from it every time I hold it. As one of my first crystals, Clear Apophyllite has a very special place in my heart as it has a very awakening type of energy. Because it engages with the Crown Chakra, Apophyllite helps us to connect with our Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and raises awareness about things around us. 

It's one of the shiniest crystals I've ever seen and really evokes feelings of Universal Love, Inner Peace and Light. It's very suitable for those, who are interested to shine a bit of light into their shadows in order to work through them. Clear Apophyllite may get a little too intense if you're longing for a good night sleep, as it's a very activating crystal and when placed on a bedside table, it's position will align with your Crown Chakra when you lay to bed, which may trigger some very lucid dreams. If that's what you're going for, feel free to explore :) 

Green Apophyllite is a part of Apophyllite family growing in India. It's surely one of my favourite crystals mainly because of its loving vibration and strong resonance with the heart space. It is predominantly engaging with the Heart chakra where it assists with Emotional Healing and overcoming pain such as grief or a break-up. It can also be very useful on the way to forgiveness and letting go of that emotional baggage we carry. Green Apophyllite has a great ability to turn any space into a healing space hence why it's a perfect match for ceremonies, yoga studios or any other mindfulness environment. 

Mordenite is slightly fuzzy looking white crystal, which may not even seem like a crystal at first sight. It may be useful while overcoming depression and unwanted situations as it dissipates negative energy and brings a little more focus to one's mind. One more reason to perhaps reach out to it during meditation as well. For those who find it challenging to concentrate during work, Mordenite could be a great companion in order to avoid procrastination. It's also suitable to use while practicing White Magic or daily rituals.

Weight: 3.4 kg

Origin:   Maharashtra, India 

Dimensions: 30 x 19 cm