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Crocoite - so much fire in one mineral! Crocoite only comes from a very few places around the world and one of them is Tasmania in Australia. It’s got a very precious ability to work through all of our energy centres, starting from the base one - Root Chakra, where it draws the energy from the Earth through the base of spine into our Sacral Chakra. That’s why it’s known to enhance fire, help with sexual healing including sexual trauma and develop more intimacy and passion in one’s life.

Crocoite’s vibration is so strong that it doesn’t actually need to be held in order for its energy to be absorbed. From Sacral Chakra it then brings the energy through the heart and assists with Emotional Healing, continues to draw the energy through the upper chakras and then swirls it back down which creates Kundalini Awakening. Crocoite is one of the most powerful crystals we’ve ever worked with and will certainly blow your mind out with its spiky structure and bright red/orange color. 


Weight: 35 g

Origin: Tasmania, Australia