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...with complementary frequencies

Titanite also called Sphene is one of the freshest and rarest addition to Zalah’s variety of minerals. Coming from Pakistan, Titanite blew our mind out with its detailed surface structure and quite a strong shade of green, almost lime looking. The frequency of Titanite associates with the Heart Chakra and Third Eye Chakra, making it an ideal companion for those wishing to deepen their spiritual practices and following through while achieving their goals and visions.

It is also a great help for those experiencing a strong chatter in their mind or overthinking, and would love to connect the mind with the heart together. This can create more harmony and ease with mood swings or PMS. Titanite offers mental clarity, focus, studying one’s interests and connection to one’s intuition. A sense of purpose comes through when working with this mineral and persistency with reaching our highest potential. 


Weight: 227 g

Measurements: 10 x 7 cm

Origin: Pakistan