get conscious.


consciousness {awareness or perception of something}

Raising consciousness and supporting our community on their spiritual journey is not just our passion but also our mission. Being able to open up some of the dimensions of the human mind has been so precious to us and we love to watch you grow, fall in love with yourself, your awareness, our crystals and see that they can be a massive help for every one and each of you on this exciting journey of healing and understanding.
We are all about the energy and believing that just like humans, trees and plants are made of energy, operating based on whether it's balanced or not {chakras}. We also strongly believe that the same goes for the crystals. Speaking of crystals the most important thing and mission for us to uncover is not just to educate the community on how important the source of crystals is and what process they're going through on the way to you but also to let the humanity understand that

C R Y S T A L S  A R E  L I V I N G  B E I N G S.  

In order to see any sort of change it's crucially important for one to create the relationship with their crystals, give them love, interact with them, speak to them. Yes, crystals do speak, however they won't talk with the human form of language. Don't forget that The Universe communicates with us through frequencies and so do the crystals. If you open your mind and open your heart, they will let you hear the wisdom of The Universe. Remember crystals have been growing inside of the mountains for thousands of years before you heard them calling your name. And usually you hear them calling you for a specific reason. All you need to do is to uncover the reason and learn from what you heard. 
We believe crystals are our family, not props to be sold as objects. We name all our crystals which gives them a certain personality - we love doing this activity and we also don't put stickers on them.
All our crystals are raw, unpolished and untouched, coming straight from the ground just like Mother Nature created them. The reason behind it is our intention to spread The Beauty Of Imperfection and let the humanity understand, that if one can accept and love the crystals natural and raw as they are, there should be no exception when it comes to one's personality and physical looks. We are all different, we are all imperfect, we are all natural - and we need to love ourselves the way we are. 
It's a little bit of a magic with a lot of Universal Love inside.