the story from Bali.

from the heart of Bali
The Brahmand Collection was created in Bali by a local crafstman from Batubulan where it was brought to life. All of the rings were carefully made by one man in his home based workshop surrounded by his beautiful family. At Zalah we really care about recycling in all aspects of the company, with our crystals that have been chipped off we have thought out how we can salvage these amazing pieces and have transformed their spirit into this wonderful 925 Sterling Silver jewellery line. Clear & Green Apophyllite will keep opening your Third Eye chakra and channel all that Universal Love! Brahmand stands for Universe and each ring is named after the stars visible on 26th August, the night of Full Moon. It's all about that energy and having that piece of treasure that plays with your consciousness.
S T O R Y  F R O M  B A T U B U L A N
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