the crystal room.

Isn't it just magical to sit around crystals all day, soak in their energy and mainly 
feel and hear them. We always get so carried away looking at them all and being able to share the space with you is just such an honor. It has taken us a while to get where we are but we are so grateful to have the most amazing community - our Zalah Tribe. We always try to bring the closest feel of each crystal to you via socials and the website, however as you know sometimes the beauty of crystals cannot be done justice via photos, so if you ever feel like shopping for crystals in person where you can see their 360 degree beauty and feel them energetically you are more than welcome to come and visit us in our very own personal space where the good vibes are at. 
The Crystal Room is located in a cute part of Melbourne -  Yarraville, so if you're ever passing by and you're interested to book an appointment to come and see all the beautiful crystals and talk on all topics from healing to consciousness, definitely get in touch through an e-mail or our socials in advance and we'll be more than happy to host you!