zalah kaleidoscopes.

Have you ever heard of The Law Of The Mirror? A very common practice of life realisations between understanding that whatever we are, we attract. Whatever irritates us about others or we find attractive in them is mostly found within us as well. The more you think about the approach of others towards you and tend to think they're being unfair, unreasonably harsh or offensive it's mostly not because of you. It is just a
R E F L E C T I O N  O F  T H E I R  O W N  H E A D S P A C E . 
It's hard to acknowledge and accept at times but remember, don't ever take anything personally because whatever happens out of our reach {we cannot affect it} has got nothing to do with us to begin with. Hence why it's so important to be content with our own behaviour at all times and stay free of judgement towards others. 
Our Zalah Kaleidoscopes are a very good reminder of the crystals teaching us understanding, the law of mirrors and approaching everyone from a place of love regardless of their position in our life. Each Kaleidoscope is completely unique, made from a different crystal, carrying a different lesson. But they all have one thing in common - they look freaking magical. The beauty of detail, structure and color is just breath taking and just emphasises the importance of The Beauty Of Imperfection, which is one of Zalah's main values.