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Spinning on the Ballerina's Clock is this lovely quartz.

Pink Himalayan Quartz comes from deep inside the Himalayas mountains in India, where it used to be utilised by ancient monks in order to reach Samadhi. That's where the name Samadhi Quartz comes from. Himalayan Quartz has a very energising, yet soothing vibration and has the ability to bring our Mind and Body into a more meditative state. It is very suitable for calming and meditation.

Quartz in general was used by many ancient civilisations around the world - some of them are Egypt, Mexico or Ancient Greece. Greeks and Romans believed that it was ice that never melted because it was created by god, hence why they named Quartz KrustallosThe Ancient Japanese believed Quartz was formed from the breath of a white dragon and regarded it as a symbol of perfection. 


Weight: 262 g

Origin: Maharashtra, India 

Dimensions: 10 x 8 cm