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Dragons Teeth

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The jagged teeth of the Dragon's Mouth. This piece is a special one that has been with us for a while, ready to set off to the next home.

Dogtooth Calcite is famous for its canine tooth looking formation on the surface and colors ranging from beige, yellow all the way to dark burgundy. Our Dogtooth Calcite specimens originate from Pakistan and are mostly combined with Purple Fluorite at the base. Dogtooth Calcite is known to connect with the Solar Plexus energy centre in our abdominals, where it supports the process of digestion and strengthening willpower similarly to Yellow & Honey Calcite. Dogtooth Calcite can also be very helpful when creating a stronger energy body while strengthening boundaries within our environment.

Weight: 374g

Origin: Maharashtra, India

Dimensions: 12 x 7 cm