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...within the soul's core

Black Tourmaline is one of the most grounding stones out there and has an incredible power to centre the mind and soul, into the security of our own being and the Wisdom of Life.

Shamans of the African, Native American, and Aboriginal tribes used Black Tourmaline to protect from evil demons and dark energies. Egyptian legend speaks of how Tourmaline made its journey from the center of the Earth and passed over a rainbow, taking with it all of the colors as its own.

Black Tourmaline honours Manat, the Arabian Goddess of Waning Moon, Time, Destiny and Death. She is honoured because time brings us all a transition we call death, but in life she can bring a world filled with magic, wisdom and protection. She rules as a triple goddess with Allat and Al-Uzza. The Romans used these stones for their relaxing properties of inducing tranquil sleep, calming the mind and relaxing the body.

Weight: 163 g

Origin: Pakistan

Measurements: 7 x 6 cm