About & Values

Deep inside the peaceful Himalayas of India a vision was born. The vision of spreading love & light through the beauty of raw untouched crystals coming from untouched remote places. With the serenity at bay the combination of Zen & location of Dharamshala brought forth the name ZALAH and was founded at the end of 2017 in Melbourne. Ever since that time it's been growing becoming apart of people's lives, homes and daily rituals.   
Ethical Sourcing

We live in a very precious world and need to take care of it through sustainability, all our crystals are ethically sourced directly from the caves of chosen locations. Without having a middle man between us and our very skilled and hardworking team of suppliers we can really ensure fair treatment and helping the local communities. Seeing them being able to feed their families and grow the local crystal industry is definitely the biggest satisfaction and one of the main values of our company.  
Beauty Of Imperfection
We like to keep things as natural as possible! All our precious pieces are untouched and absolutely raw coming straight from the ground. We are encouraging everyone to see the beauty in imperfection because that's what Mother Nature deserves the most credit for. ZALAH is the place to find your unique picks with each one carefully selected so you can get only the best.
Sharing & Educating
Sharing is caring! If you've ever had a chance to shop from ZALAH you must know we love to give back to our community especially our youth. We want to see people thrive and become the best version of themselves educating people on our crystals properties and how to incorporate them into our busy lives. We like to be the energy we want to absorb.