Crystal Guide


Amethyst catches one's eye with its soothing shades of purple tones. Depending on the location of mining, the color may vary from a really light shade of purple into a very strong one. Most of the dark Amethyst is mined in Brazil, however all of our pieces are sourced in India. Amethyst connects with the energy centre located on our forehead - Third Eye. It has the ability to release stress, help with sleeping patterns and allows us to tap further into our intuition and Inner Knowing. It is a stone suitable to be kept on the bedside table for easier falling asleep and its cooling energy can help with lowering the body temperature.



Aquamarine is a beautiful mineral of a vibrant light blue color that we source from Pakistan. Engaging with the Throat Chakra, it allows us to work with and remove any blockages in areas of expression, honesty, communication and connecting the lower body with the upper body. It is a zodiac stone for Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces. With its watery energy, Aquamarine invites a lot of fluidity, which is highly necessary in times of constant change. It can help us to stay grounded, by connecting us to our feminine yin energy and helping us to maintain our centre while slowing down. It acts like a gentle friendly reminder  to surrender to the new flow life brings upon us and remaining flexible with our patterns and habits. 


Green Aventurine is used to grid gardens or houses against geopathic stress. Wearing this stone absorbs electromagnetic smog and protects against pollution. As a mineral that engages with the Heart Chakra, it's got the ability to support through emotional healing and sorrow. It allows us to tap into forgivness and let go of things no longer serving us. Aventurine calms down the nervous system and is a general all-around healer. 


Clear Apophyllite is a very high vibrational crystal coming from India. We are so proud to say that our Apophyllite is one of the highest grades in the market and the energy is literally beaming from it every time I hold it. As one of my first crystals, Clear Apophyllite has a very special place in my heart as it has a very awakening type of energy. Because it engages with the Crown Chakra, Apophyllite helps us to connect with our Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and raises awareness about things around us. It's one of the shiniest crystals I've ever seen and really evokes feelings of Universal Love, Inner Peace and Light. It's very suitable for those, who are interested to shine a bit of light into their shadows in order to work through them. Clear Apophyllite may get a little too intense if you're longing for a good night sleep, as it's a very activating crystal and when placed on a bedside table, it's position will align with your Crown Chakra when you lay to bed, which may trigger some very lucid dreams. If that's what you're going for, feel free to explore :) 


Green Apophyllite is a part of Apophyllite family growing in India. It's surely one of my favourite crystals mainly because of its loving vibration and strong resonance with the heart space. It is predominantly engaging with the Heart chakra where it assists with Emotional Healing and overcoming pain such as grief or a break-up. It can also be very useful on the way to forgiveness and letting go of that emotional baggage we carry. Green Apophyllite has a great ability to turn any space into a healing space hence why it's a perfect match for ceremonies, yoga studios or any other mindfulness environment. 


Pink Apophyllite is the rarest out of all Apophyllites and has got very beautiful and vibrant shades of pink. The little pocket pieces almost look like a candy while it resonates with the vibrations of Love and enhances our openness around the heart space. Pink Apophyllite helps with healing of the Heart Chakra and allows us to feel the flow of our emotions. Its angelic energy is a great tool to connect to our spirit guides and Guardian Angels in times we need support and seek guidance. 



Black Apophyllite is the most unique Apophyllite types out of all. The black color deeply penetrates the clear blocks of stone and creates a mystical vibration that resonates with the Root Chakra and Crown Chakra. Black stones have an overall grounding energy, that helps us to stay calm and secure within our truth and safety. Because Clear Apophyllite is usually a very activating stone, you can definitely feel the activating energy within the Black Apophyllite too, however as we like to say: The lower you ground, the higher you shoot. Which is certainly the case for this stone. In order for us to be able to receive the higher guidance of Apophyllite's energy, we must maintain our grounding and spaciousness within the energetic field.


Calcite truly is a unique crystal. Beside its amazing clarity, it comes in so many different shades and structures. My favorite feature about Calcite is the intense rainbows you see under the sun and almost holographic effect inside of each cube.

The properties of Calcite are indeed very beautiful too. Optical Calcite has the ability to amplify all energies that flow through, which means it can be used for distance healing when the energies need to travel far away. It's also known as Crystal Of Mind hence why students and scholars like to use it while learning and developing new ideas. Optical Calcite removes fear just like Stilbite and helps you overcome obstacles that pop up on our journey. It's an execellent crystal for MANIFESTATION and setting intentions for the future. It engages with Crown Chakra the most.


White Calcite has the ability to cleanse and purify spaces and environment. For those, who love personal development and getting on top of everything, Calcite is a really good option as it restores motivation in one's life. White Calcite also raises consciousness, links to higher spiritual states and awakens psychic abilities. As a stone of new beginnings, it's excellent when entering a new phase in your life - new job, new house, new year, new you. 


Honey Calcite teaches us about the right use of power. It encourages responsibility in leadership and can help with recovering from abusive situations. Honey Calcite increases feelings of self worth, confidence and courage and assists to overcome obstacles. It is helpful for learning of all types and developing skills.

Honey Calcite is the perfect stone to have when everything in your life feels too much. It will be a very helpful stone when you to overcome one challenge after the other. When you’re starting to lose faith in your ability to pull through in the toughest tests or in your ability to turn things around, Honey Calcite will come to the rescue.



Dogtooth Calcite is famous for its canine tooth looking formation on the surface and colors ranging from beige, yellow all the way to dark burgundy. Our Dogtooth Calcite specimens originate from Pakistan and are mostly combined with Purple Fluorite at the base. Dogtooth Calcite is known to connect with the Solar Plexus energy centre in our abdominals, where it supports the process of digestion and strengthening willpower similarly to Yellow & Honey Calcite. Dogtooth Calcite can also be very helpful when creating a stronger energy body while strengthening boundaries within our environment.



Oh what a gem! Cavansite is an absolute rarity given it only grows in one place in the world, which is Pune in India. Cavansite’s color is so unique that it doesn’t exist in the technical world so no camera, phone or any other device can replicate it (bare in mind the magnetic blue might vary from the photo you see, but we guarantee it looks way more stunning in a real life). This mineral engages with the Third Eye and Crown Chakra, helping us to channel creativity and expression from the depth of our souls. Opening us up to different possibilities, seeing things from a more open minded perspective and holding space for us to channel our Highest Truth. 



Chalcedony is such a nurturing and loving crystal! And while it's been one of Zalah's most popular types, it's also been one of my favs to work with. Chalcedony has the ability to not just absorb negative energy, but also dissipate it which means it's not going to move onto another person/object. It brings harmony into the space - whether it's work or home. It also helps to bring Mind, Body and Spirit into one alignment which is very useful while balancing your chakras and just seeking overall wellbeing. It is also very suitable for families, as it strengthens relationships whether as a team, collective, couple or the whole fam bam. 



Blue Chalcedony specifically works on Throat Chakra - Clear Expression, Communication and Speaking Your Truth. I've found Blue Chalcedony very handy while working on expressing myself and not shying away from honesty. Whether that's honesty with myself or others. Clear them Throat Chakra blockages. 


Crocoite - so much fire in one mineral! Crocoite only comes from a very few places around the world and one of them is Tasmania in Australia. It’s got a very precious ability to work through all of our chakras, starting from the base one - Root Chakra, where it draws the energy from the Earth through the base of spine into our Sacral Chakra. That’s why it’s known to enhance fire, help with sexual healing including sexual trauma and develop more intimacy in one’s life. Crocoite’s vibration is so strong that it doesn’t actually need to be held in order for its vibration to be absorbed. From Sacral Chakra it then brings the energy through the heart and assists with Emotional Healing, continues to draw the energy through the upper chakras and then swirls it back down which creates Kundalini Awakening. Crocoite is one of the most powerful crystals we’ve ever worked with and will certainly blow your mind out with its spiky structure and bright red/orange color. 



Epidote is a truly unique stone like no other originating from Pakistan. It's dark external looks may seem very ordinary, however if you light certain types from under, you can see a beautiful bright green color beaming through the surface. Epidote has a few different forms - a cluster or a fan. The fan formation almost looks like a little dark green Scolecite. The properties of Epidote are focused mainly around overcoming victimhood and embodying the co-creator of your own life, which may be specially helpful for those, who have been stuck in a cycle of long term ailment, suffering or who have found breaking old patterns very difficult. 



Botryoidal Fluorite is one of the very unusual crystals that we don't come across too often. It associates with Solar Plexus chakra and strengthens our will power. Besides that, it has the ability to help us work with our Inner Child and childhood trauma. Solar Plexus is a storage of a lot of emotions and this type of Fluorite eases nervousness, calms the anxiety and stress and helps us to follow through our words and goals. Harmonising energies is one of its strengths while it helps with productivity. Girl boss approved. 



Purple Fluorite attracts one’s eye with its beautiful purple tones, slightly translucent color in some places, cubic structure and a deep mystical feel to it. Often represented as “Genius Stone” as it holds space for us to tap into the highest state of mental achievement as well as work through complex issues. The frequency of violet rays of Purple Fluorite resonates with the Third Eye Chakra evoking inner peace and raising our consciousness. Fluorite is a very suitable modality to work with for those, who wish to deepen their psychic abilities, seeing things from a different perspective or create daily rituals and spiritual practices that help us ground and connect. 


White Heulandite carries the vibration of Clarity and Moving On. When you feel stuck in life and searching for the next step, Heulandite could be a good option for a crystal to work with. It engages with the Third Eye chakra and really helps to elevate one's consciousness to the next level. It is also used for accessing information about past lives and even the wisdom of Akashic Records. It is often used to work with dreams, intuition and has an overall calming vibration. I personally love to meditate with Heulandite, as it helps me calm my mind and bring it into a more meditative state. 


Green Heulandite is another fascinating crystal. While I'm really enjoying its little star-like structure and all colors it grows in, the properties are even more interesting. Heulandite brings Clarity & Focus into our mind, which can be very handy while studying, focusing on our goals or following our personal and professional dreams. It has a strong ability to connect us with our Spiritual Guides. My favourite feature about Heulandite is its ability to connect our Heart chakra with the heart of Mother Earth. Therefore it helps with releasing emotional blockages and pain from the past, while it works on deep emotional healing around our heart space.  


Indigo Kyanite with its unique and one of a kind color really stands out from the crowd of the Kyanite family. Coming from an area called Odisha in India, this specimen offers us a range of different energies. It’s been used to enhance the ability to enter the dream world while helping us with Astral Travel. Lucid dreaming has been commonly mentioned while working with this mineral. Indigo Kyanite engages with the Third Eye chakra and allows us to look into any childhood trauma while releasing anger and resentment, helping the life force energy to flow freely through the body. 

Did you know that Kyanite is one of the minerals that never accumulates nor retains negative energy, therefore doesn’t need cleansing? It’s a fairly new mineral as it was only discovered in 19th century. Indigo Kyanite honours Sophia ~ the personification of Wisdom and goddess of all wise. It’s believed there is a big link between the word Sophia and Sufism, the Islamic mysticism. Ibn al-Arabi, philosopher and Sufi saw a young girl in Makkah surrounded by light and realised that, for him, she was an incarnation of the divine Sophia. The divine Wisdom that lays within all us, as we are all ONE. And one with The Universe and its vastness. Indigo Kyanite reminds us of the vast wisdom that resides in our hearts, so let’s honour that. Close your eyes, place your hands over your heart and thank for Sophia that’s inside of you. 



Mordenite is slightly fuzzy looking white crystal, which may not even seem like a crystal at first sight. It may be useful while fighting depression and overcoming unwanted situations as it dissipates negative energy and brings a little more focus to one's mind. One more reason to perhaps reach out to it during meditation as well. For those who find it hard to concentrate during work, Mordenite could be a great companion in order to avoid procrastination. It's also suitable to use while practicing White Magic or daily rituals. 



Peacock Ore is a colorful little mineral that evokes joy as soon as we look at it. Containing the colors of the rainbow it resonates with all our chakras and channels a very uplifting kind of energy. Peacock Ore is known as a stone of joy as it helps with spiritual development as it cleanses our body of energetic blockages. When life gets too serious, this specimen allows us to tap into a more playful space. Our Peacock Ore pieces have been sourced by hand from Tasmania, Australia. 



Scolecite has been becoming one of my favorite crystals to work with. It is quite unique and its structure is definitely standing out. Its body is usually covered in spikes while the colors can vary from white, slight pink into gray. Scolecite carries a lot of calming Yin energies, which is quite suitable while meditating or trying to slow down our life as it brings the mind into a more meditative state. It is also known to be very helpful while working in areas such as Self Love, Self Comfort and Confidence. It engages with Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.


Stilbite is for me personally one of the softest and most feminine crystals I've worked with. Its gentle energy makes me feel like getting a big hug from my mom. It's been really helpful while trying to calm down when things get overwhelming, entering my heart space for some healing as it resonates with the Heart chakra. Stilbite has a great ability to help us overcome our fears and stories in our mind, gives us a sense of self love and love in general. And because it calms the mind, it is also a really good companion for those who seek easier falling asleep. 



Green Spodumene also called Hiddenite is a really rare crystal we’ve recently come across in Pakistan. It’s ever changing color really catches one’s eye as it showcases shades from green, through yellowish, pink to blue depending on the wavelength of the light illuminating its surface. Hence why the color may vary between day and night, sunlight and artificial light. Green Spodumene is very light sensitive, so it’s best to keep away from direct sunlight, as the colors may fade away very quickly. This crystal engages mainly with the Heart Chakra and allows us to deepen our sense of love and radiate that. It is also quite suitable for overcoming overindulgence as it helps us address emotional root cause of overeating and brings us on a more aligned path. Forgiveness, compassion and understanding are areas that Green Spodumene focuses on in our lives. 



Shamans of the African, Native American, and Aboriginal tribes used Black Tourmaline to protect from evil demons and dark energies. Egyptian legend speaks of how Tourmaline made its journey from the center of the Earth and passed over a rainbow, taking with it all of the colors as its own. Black Tourmaline honors Manat, the Arabian Goddess of Waning Moon, Time, Destiny and Death. She is honored because time brings us all a transition we call death, but in life she can bring a world filled with magic, wisdom and protection. She rules as a triple goddess with Allat and Al-Uzza. The Romans used these stones for their relaxing properties of inducing tranquil sleep, calming the mind and relaxing the body.



Titanite also called Sphene is one of the freshest and rarest addition to Zalah’s variety of minerals. Coming from Pakistan, Titanite blew our mind out with its detailed surface structure and quite a strong shade of green, almost lime looking. The frequency of Titanite associates with the Solar Plexus and Third Eye chakra, making it an ideal companion for those wishing to deepen their spiritual practices and following through while achieving their goals and visions. Titanite offers mental clarity, focus, studying one’s interests and connection to one’s intuition. A sense of purpose comes through when working with this mineral and persistency with reaching our highest potential. 


Pink Himalayan Quartz comes from deep inside of Himalayas mountains, where it used to be used by ancient monks in order to reach Samadhi. That's where the name Samadhi Quartz comes. Himalayan Quartz has a very energising, yet soothing vibration and has the ability to bring our Mind and Body into a more meditative state. It is very suitable for calming and meditation. 



Phantom Quartz is an excellent companion for those who wish to dive deep into their past and analyse what's no longer serving them in order to reach spiritual development. Phantom Quartz is very specific with its formation, having a little ghost quartz point growing inside of the already existent one. This particular piece is also combined with Hematite inclusions which are the dark shimmery speckles around the side of the specimen. This minerals helps us to release any past trauma and turn that into a more light and positive looking outcome. 


Smoky Quartz is one of the most grounding stones out there and it’s extremely beneficial while working on all things around the Root Chakra - grounding, security, overcoming fears and family issues. Smoky Quartz helps us to analyse our life and see what’s no longer serving us while assisting us with gently letting go. When we let go, we create space for new and more aligned energy to enter our life, which is a massive part of spiritual development. Smoky Quartz is also very protecting, it allows us to stand our ground strong and feel secure in who we are, which is a protection on its own.