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Green Spodumene also called Hiddenite is a really rare crystal we’ve recently come across in Pakistan. It’s ever changing color really catches one’s eye as it showcases shades from green, through yellowish, pink to blue depending on the wavelength of the light illuminating its surface. Hence why the color may vary between day and night, sunlight and artificial light. Green Spodumene is very light sensitive, so it’s best to keep away from direct sunlight, as the colors may fade away very quickly. This crystal engages mainly with the Heart Chakra and allows us to deepen our sense of love and radiate that. It is also quite suitable for overcoming overindulgence as it helps us address emotional root cause of overeating and brings us on a more aligned path. Forgiveness, compassion and understanding are areas that Green Spodumene focuses on in our lives.

Weight: 84 g

Origin: Pakistan

Dimensions: 5 x 4 cm