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This amulet was created in collaboration with Chrysalis Affect. 

Note from the creator Milla: 

This chalcedony reminds me of a magic wand and didn’t need much to showcase its magic. This creation is simple beautiful, as its sparkle speaks for itself. May this amulet remind its owner that they are their own healer. 

Made with waxed polyester cord and re-cycled wooden beads.

Chalcedony is such a nurturing and loving crystal! And while it's been one of Zalah's most popular types, it's also been one of my favs to work with. Chalcedony has the ability to not just absorb negative energy, but also dissipate it which means it's not going to move onto another person/object. It brings harmony into the space - whether it's work or home. It also helps to bring Mind, Body and Spirit into one alignment which is very useful while balancing your chakras and just seeking overall wellbeing. It is also very suitable for families, as it strengthens relationships whether as a team, collective, couple or the whole fam bam. 

Blue Chalcedony specifically works on Throat Chakra - Clear Expression, Communication and Speaking Your Truth. I've found Blue Chalcedony very handy while working on expressing myself and not shying away from honesty. Whether that's honesty with myself or others. Clear them Throat Chakra blockages.