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This amulet was created in collaboration with Chrysalis Affect. 

Note from the creator Milla: 

This gentle Heulandite was a pleasure to hold and create with, its soft, nurturing energy wrapping around me as I knotted. It wanted to stand out and be bedazzled a little. May this amulet encourage its owner to be proud of their vulnerability. 

Made with waxed polyester cord and re-cycled wooden beads.


Heulandite carries the vibration of Clarity and Moving On. When you feel stuck in life and searching for the next step, Heulandite could be a good option for a crystal to work with. It engages with the Third Eye chakra and really helps to elevate one's consciousness to the next level. It is also used for accessing information about past lives and even the wisdom of Akashic Records. It is often used to work with dreams, intuition and has an overall calming vibration. I personally love to meditate with Heulandite, as it helps me calm my mind and bring it into a more meditative state.