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Instinct of Aya

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This amulet was created in collaboration with Chrysalis Affect. 

Note from the creator Milla: 

This piece makes my heart sing every time I see it and think about it. The colour so bright it makes you ponder the miracles of the world and our existence. May this amulet remind its owner of the miracle they are and the love that is always resent within.

Made with waxed polyester cord and re-cycled wooden beads.

Green Apophyllite is a part of Apophyllite family growing in India. It's surely one of my favourite crystals mainly because of its loving vibration and strong resonance with the heart space. It is predominantly engaging with the Heart chakra where it assists with Emotional Healing and overcoming pain such as grief or a break-up. It can also be very useful on the way to forgiveness and letting go of that emotional baggage we carry. Green Apophyllite has a great ability to turn any space into a healing space hence why it's a perfect match for ceremonies, yoga studios or any other mindfulness environment.