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Super Solids

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Amethyst is one of the few purple crystals we've come across so far. Some of the biggest sources of Amethyst are in India and Brazil, while our ones from India. For those who have been working with the energy of their Third Eye chakra, Amethyst might be a great companion as it focuses on balancing the energy in this particular area. Lots of improved experience with sleep has been recorded from those who have worked with Amethyst as well as developing psychic abilities. Amethyst is generally a very calming crystal, helping with managing stress and even regulating body temperature. 

This particular piece Super Solids is a Smokey Amethyst, which is a form of Amethyst that we don't come across that often. It's a free standing 2.2 kg heavy masterpiece and could be a beautiful statement piece in your home, or on your bedside table. Super Solids feels very soothing and grounding at the same time.

Weight: 2.2kg

Measurements: 19 x 15 cm

Origin: Maharashtra, India